How To Create Your First Info Product In 5 Easy Steps

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How To Create Your First Info Product In 5 Easy Steps

Are you wondering how you can supplement your income, leave your lousy job behind or maybe create an income because you lost your job? Allow me to suggest something anyone can do.

People are buying information like never before and creating your own information product just isn’t that hard. creating information products

You write a short Word document, insert some images and formatting, save it as a PDF and use the content as an audio and video script. BAM, you have your first info product!

Oh man, what can we teach people? I’m just an ordinary dude…

Everyone has done something worthwhile. Let me give you some, obvious in hindsight, examples from my life.

I know…maybe you haven’t done these things. So what? we guarantee you if you sit down and do a brain dump, you’ve done quite a few things that other people want to know how to do. If you can’t then you’re not trying hard enough or you have not yet overcome your fear of exposing yourself to other people. The best way to kick that phobia is to just do stuff. Try it.

You get the idea. we could take any one of these topics and produce content that would help anyone aspiring to do these things shorten their learning curve. When you shorten someone’s learning curve and expedite their success, they are usually willing to pay you for it. If you also do so in a unique, engaging and humorous way, they will pay you more. we know because I’ve paid for such products and you have too.

5 steps for creating information products

There is an information product in all of us. Here’s how to build your first information product in 5 easy steps;

  1. Define what it is that you will teach and form your unique proposition. “We will help you do XXX, so you can XXX”. This needs to be a clear path to a transformational experience. People don’t buy things they buy experiences. For example…”If you are contemplating divorce or are in the middle of a divorce, this guide will save you thousands of dollars and spare you countless hours of anxiety and emotional distress”. we could also personally tailor my message to men with children for further impact.
  2. Now you take your personal story and use it. “Have you ever XXX? Well, so have I…” You tell your story including the solution or exactly how you overcame XXX. The way life works, we’ve all overcome some tragic event and we’ve done so in a unique fashion. Why not help others with your experience?
  3. The third step is very important. Here is where you begin to define the solution. You present your results and explain HOW you got them. You are not yet fully defining the solution, but you are sharing your own credible and tangible results.
  4. Building on top of step number three you want to provide a framework for your solution. One of the most well-known frameworks in business literature is Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits Of Highly Effective People”. This very simply “boils down” the solution into an easily digestible form. we recently read another information product that we found excellent and it also had a very simple framework. Tim Ferris’ “The 4-Hour Work Week”. People will more readily purchase and understand solutions with simple frameworks.
  5. Finally, people need a specific call to action. The last step in creating a killer information product is to provide some specific and executable action that they can perform immediately. When you give someone a clear executable action to kick off their own solution, the impact is incredible. Most people don’t take action and you can’t help that, but this step increases the likelihood that your customers will succeed and be more likely to tell others about you and your products.

So now the only excuse you have NOT to create your first information product is one of the many excuses we all conjure up to get in our own way. “I’m too busy…I’m not qualified to teach other people…People aren’t interested in what we have to say…”

Blah, blah, blah. Don’t be one of those people.

Here’s your executable action item. Take 15 minutes right now and jot down your list of experiences that you’ve had that might possibly be topics for your first information product. Don’t think too much and don’t do any self-editing. You can do that later. For now just dump down on paper whatever comes to mind.

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