How To Be Creative Online When You’re Not Feeling Creative

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How To Be Creative Online When You’re Not Feeling Creative

How to be creative online consistently can be tough. Creativity comes in spurts. If you’re an online writer of any kind, you need to produce your work consistently to keep your readers and subscribers coming back. The reality is though that nobody feels creative all the time.

writing onlineHow can you produce blog posts, articles, updates or other online content that’s interesting and consistent when you don’t feel the least bit inspired to write?

Fortunately there are at least three tools available to online marketers and authors that allow you to publish your work or the work of others that you think might be of value to your audience at specific intervals in the future. You can create when you feel creative and schedule your content to go out to your readers consistently over a period of time.

3 Tools To Make You Creative…Even When You’re Not


You’re reading a structured blog right now. It’s built to allow you, among other things, to create blog posts like this one and “schedule” them to go out at whatever point in the future you want. You can create as many posts as you want when you’re feeling inspired and schedule them to go out at any time and day you want. This allows you to capture your creativity at one sitting and make it look like you are writing daily, weekly or monthly. This gives you consistency, which is very important to any online marketer looking to attract and keep the attention of an audience.


Aweber is an email autoresponder used by online and offline businesses to stay in regular touch with their customers and potential customers. Aweber is built to automatically send out pre-written e-mail messages to subscribers at specific times and days as well. You can send out what are called “Broadcast” messages to handle information that is time sensitive right now. You can also build a series of “Follow-up” messages that you can schedule to go out at any point in the future at any time of day. So you could write 52 email messages with related, relevant, quality information in one creative session and schedule a weekly distribution for an entire year. This is a great way to author “Newsletters” and “Membership Sites“, without having to write every week.


Buffer is a really cool way to manage your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social media sites to push relevant information to your followers, friends and connections. You simply install the Buffer application and toolbar on your browser, configure the settings for each social account and whenever you are reading something online that you think would be helpful or interesting to your audience, you click the Buffer icon and it automatically creates a shortened link to that specific URL with a message that you either send as is or customize before sending if you want.

Use these three cool online tools to capture your creativity in the moment and publish it in a timed sequence in the future. Create when you feel creative and use these tools to be consistent about putting quality relevant information in front of your friends, fans, followers and connections.

You gain instant credibility and build lasting authority while adding value to any audience you want to serve.

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